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Question: What is palliative care?

Diederik Lohman: “Palliative care is improving quality of life for people with life-threatening illnesses. One of the most common symptoms palliative care looks to treat is pain…but people with life-threatening illnesses also deal with a lot of psychological, and often spiritual questions that they need answers for so palliative care tries to address those needs as well.”

Tzaneen Cancer Care Centre offers the following services:

  • Palliative care to patients
  • 3 Private rooms for patients to enjoy their last journey with close family
  • Professional services from Care Givers
  • Two lounges for families to take a break
  • 24-hour professional nurse on call
  • 24-hour safe parking

Tzaneen Palliative Care ImageTzaneen Cancer Care Centre  (TCCC) renders holistic palliative care. Therefore, we use an interdisciplinary team for taking supreme care of our patients.

  • The patient is the most important member of the TCCC. His/her wish is our command, within reason.
  • The palliative care worker will help and support the family in taking care of the patient.
  • The palliative care giver is there to support the patient and family and to assist with pain  management. She is also the link between the patient and his/her own doctor by reporting to the doctor and arranging patient visits when needed.
  • The patient’s doctor must prescribe all medicine. The doctor explains to the patient and the family what the illness entails and what to expect. The doctor then acts on the palliative care workers's observations.
  • The patient's pharmacist supplies the medicine needed for pain and symptom control.
  • The social worker supports the patient and family with any psychosocial challenges, grief and bereavement. She works closely with the palliative care workers.
  • The patient's spiritual worker (minister, pastor, etc.) supports the patient and family with their spiritual needs.
  • The spiritual caregiver supports the patient and the family with prayer and guidance.
  • The care workers render nursing care in the TCCC. They are specially trained care workers that look after the patients with compassion and dedication


We have a lovely furnished consulting room, with waiting area that can include a reception area, bathroom and children play area and kitchen. Big veranda that was used for chemo therapy and can be allocated to the tenant. Rental includes WIFI, aircon, furniture, gardening service, secure parking, alarm, cleaning services ect. Please contact 083 635 4132 for more information.

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