Tzaneen Care Group Cancer Treatment Centre

What We Offer at the Tzaneen Care Group

Here is a list of items the Tzaneen Care Group offers to patients.


A deposit is charged, that is refundable (or may be given as a donation)

Deposits are calculated as follows;

  • Hospital beds  -  R500-00
  • Hospital bed mattress  -  R100-00
  • Wheelchair  -  R200-00
  • Everything else per item  -  R100-00
  • Egg-box mattresses are sold at R270-00 each


Medical equipment available

  • Wheelchairs
  • Egg-box mattresses
  • Commodes
  • Walkers
  • Hospital beds
  • Crutches
  • Toiletseat raisers
  • Shower chairs
  • Bedpan's



Tzaneen Cancer Care Centre offers the following:  

A 3-bedroom house where palliative care is rendered by qualified staff members. Pain management is done under supervision of a professional palliative care nurse. All necessary equipment is available to render quality care to our patients.

Some of the equipment includes the following:

  • If a patient is in need of oxygen therapy, we make use of an oxygen concentrator machine which takes O2 from the air and compresses it into concentrated O2.
  • A suction apparatus is available if needed.
  • A special shower chair is available for the comfort of the patients while showering.
  • For further convenience, we have a commode ("toilet on wheels") available for our patients.
  • Please note that the patients are responsible for the arrangement and collection of their own prescribed medicine.

A stay at Tzaneen Cancer Care Center may be for:

  • A period of admission for pain and symptom control, followed by discharge home;
  • A place where death can take place in a homely atmosphere without going to hospital;
  • Once a patient is admitted to the Care Centre, he/she will receive 24 hour care and will be attended to by his/her own doctor;
  • Current medication must be brought in with the patient on admission, as TCCC unfortunately does not have a dispensary;
  • Patients not on a medical aid;
    • Repeat or new prescriptions from the doctor must be collected by the family;
  • Patients on medical aid:
    • Repeat or new prescriptions from the doctor must be taken by the family to be filled at their usual pharmacy when needed, and the medication brought back to the Centre.
  • The Registered Nurse (RN) will discuss your medication and treatment procedures with you, explaining the benefits and risks/side effects where necessary.
  • The doctor and RN will make suggestions if they know of any other treatments available to you.
  • The TCCC has the right to discontinue the service according to professional standards that include open discussion with the patient and family.
  • The TCCC does not practice euthanasia.

Fee Structure:

Patients on a medical aid:

  • Stay in the TCCC will be billed to patient for payment. Patient / Family may claim directly from medical aid.

Patients not covered by a medical aid:

  • We usually ask the family to make a donation with which they feel comfortable, calculated on a daily basis, bearing in mind that a stay in the TCCC costs approximately R800.00 per day.

No cancer patient (with or without a medical aid) will be refused to enter the TCCC.



This service can be done in the comfort of your home.

The TCCC can arrange medical equipment and professional care workers to do home care. Services will overseen by Nurse and Care Giver to make sure our top quality care at the centre continues at home. This services is not limited to cancer patients only.

If your loved one is on a medical aid, the medical aid can be billed, with your permission. Please call the TCCC for more information.


SOCIAL WORKERS available at the Tzaneen Cancer Care Center

The Tzaneen Care Group offer social workers who is available on Monday’s to cancer patients and cancer patient family members. If you need a private consultation please contact the TCCC office to arrange an appointment. This service is free of charge.

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