Tzaneen Care Group Cancer Treatment Centre

Welcome to Tzaneen Care Group


Tzaneen Care Group consists of a group of volunteers who care and attend to the needs of predominantly cancer patients. The group was founded in 1989 when the need arose for volunteers who were prepared to help care for cancer patients, especially the terminally ill. The Tzaneen Care Group is a registered non-profit company solely reliant on the goodwill and donations from the community.

Since the Tzaneen Hospice closed down, there is now no haven for our terminally ill cancer patients. This is where the Tzaneen Care Group’s dream started. An anonymous benefactor purchased a house to be used for the Tzaneen Care Group’s purposes. The group hosted a few successful fundraising projects to cover building costs to renovate the house to make it more patient friendly. The house consists of four bedrooms that will be used for patients, three living areas and an enclosed veranda.

The Tzaneen Cancer Care Group’s goal is to provide a safe haven for terminally ill cancer patients, with trained staff and without the hospital environment. Here our patients can spend their last days with family and friends.

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